Magnetic Resonance-Based Biomolecular Imaging and Spectroscopy
Magnetic Resonance-Based Biomolecular Imaging and Spectroscopy

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Welcome to SEMRC 2011 - the 40th Southeastern Magnetic Resonance Conference! SEMRC has a long history of bringing together leading scientists to discuss the latest developments in NMR, EPR, and MRI. It has been held every year and rotates among various locations in the southeastern United States. The focus of the conference is the exchange of ideas and recent magnetic resonance research highlights, including new applications and technique development. The most recent six SEMRC meetings were hosted by the following institutions:

34th SEMRC (2005) Emory University

35th SEMRC (2006) University of Florida

36th SEMRC (2007) University of Alabama

37th SEMRC (2008) National High Magnetic Field Laboratory

38th SEMRC (2009) Vanderbilt University

39th SEMRC (2010) University of Florida

SEMRC 2011 will be held for the first time on the Georgia State University (GSU) campus. The envent will start from the evening (4 pm) of Friday November 4, 2011 and conclude in the early afternoon (2 pm) of Sunday Novermber 6, 2011. SEMRC 2011 will have three sessions: EPR, NMR and MRI. Mossbauer spectroscopy will also be covered. The scientific program will include plenary lectures from leading scientists in the nation and talks from established and young investigators. A poster session will be an integral part of the conference. Young Investigator Travel Awards, each with a travel stipend, may be offered to graduate students and postdoctoral associates selected from the submitted abstracts.

Atlanta is in an ideal location for scientists across the entire southeastern region to attend the 40th SEMRC. We are looking forward to a lively and exciting magnetic resonance spectroscopy and imaging meeting. Please come to join us to celebrate the 40th anniversary SEMRC in Atlanta! The registration process has kicked off.

Aimin Liu, Ph.D.
Jenny J. Yang, Ph.D.
Markus W. Germann, Ph.D.

A flyer for the 40th anniversary meeting of SEMRC can be downloaded here.